Welcome to the Middle Way

The Middle Way in Mormonism is a way to create your own, authentic faith in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

If you struggle with some of the extremes or absolutes in the Church, the intolerance for alternative points of view, or find yourself ostracized because you don’t quite fit the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, the Middle Way provides a path that seeks balance amidst extremes, and focuses on the Restored Gospel — that is, simply, truth.

The Middle Way is not an organization or any structure or group in opposition to the Church.  In fact, many who traverse the Middle Way seek to be fully faithful members of the Church, to embrace our faith with authenticity, and to find peace in serving.  We do not condone any form of organized opposition to the Church, but support its mission, culture, and blessings.


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